The government of Greece, the Greek people and all those involved in organizing Athens2004 are ready to welcome the return of the Olympic Games to their ancient birthplace.

To celebrate this homecoming, the Hellenic Ministry of Press and Mass Media is presenting an innovative Art and Multimedia exhibition titled ''SonArt-Olympics''. (...) Read more

Hellenic Ministry of Press & Mass Media

It is indeed a special honour for the Vorres Museum to have collaborated with the Hellenic Ministry of Press & Mass Media to organize and manage the ingenious multimedia exhibition "SonArt-Olympics" which conveys dynamically and convincingly the message, the spirit and the historic nature of the Olympics Games.(...)
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Ian Vorres - the Vorres Museum

Aggelika Korovessi has familiarised herself with the possibilities offered by digital technology and has studied structural linguistics in depth.

Not accidentally, she has become involved with two fundamental and relatively new disciplines of modern communication that carry, create and interpret human knowledge. (...)
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Giannis Kolokotronis
Honorary Professor of the History of Art

76X 39 X 12 cm Bronze, Marble

PAZ (Peace in Spanish)
90 X 32 X 23 cm Wood, Bronze

AGON (Battle)
1m X 20cm X 15cm Bronze

ALMA (High jump)
1.48 m X 67 cm X 40 cm
Bronze, stainless steel

An airy artistic suggestion of balance which captures the moment at the absolute top of a jump. In a period of time that lasts just a fraction of a second, the interaction of body and soul are frozen and reflected down from the summit of the athletic endeavor.

DOKOS (Balance beam)
1.60 m X 1.30 m X 20 cm

Balance of the body, of the unit, of the self. Alone in the spotlight, the figure balances on a solitary horizontal bar supported by a continuously moving semi circular base.

95 cm X 67 cm

OLON (Whole)
80 cm X 80 cm X 10 cm
Bronze, nickel